Rehearsal Rooms

The Smash Room offers access to four rehearsal rooms, each fully equipped with a selection of Microphones, PA, Drum Set* Guitar and Bass amps.  Our sound treated rooms give you the optimum practice experience enabling you to achieve the perfect sound balance for your band.  Each room also has a fan for use in the summer months and a heater for the winter cold. Our reception area also offers refreshments and free wifi.


*Drum shells and stands supplied - drummer must bring own cymbals.



(All prices subject to change at the discression of Smash Room Studio Management)

Weekday:                                     Weekend:

Room 1: £10.00 per hour                Room 1: £10.00 per hour
Room 2: £10.00 per hour                Room 2: £10.00 per hour
Room 3: £10.00 per hour                Room 3: £10.00 per hour
Room 4: £10.00 per hour                Room 4: £10.00 per hour